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Dr Partap Chauhan Addresses the Lithuanian Parliament

on Preventive Healthcare Through Ayurveda

Ayurvedacharya Dr Partap Chauhan on an educational tour to Western and Eastern Europe had an extensive session of talk on potential of Ayurveda in nation building through preventive healthcare with Lithuanian political leaders and heads of health commissions and committees.

New Delhi / September 24, 2018: Dr Partap Chauhan was recently invited to address members of the Parliament of Lithuania, heads of Central Health Commission and various health committees during his educational tour of France, Poland and Lithuania.

In his address, Dr Chauhan discussed the scope and potential of Ayurveda in nation building through preventive healthcare. He spoke on how following the principles of Ayurveda can prevent diseases and have a direct impact on reducing health care costs, increase manpower utilization and contribute in propelling the nation forward. Chronic and lifestyle diseases, such as Diabetes, Stress, Obesity and Heart disorders have become a major concern for both developing as well as developed nations around the world, and Ayurveda is the solution the world needs. 

Dr Chauhan also informed the distinguished guests on the work done by Jiva Ayurveda in the fields of precision medicine and preventive healthcare over the last 25 years, and invited them to visit India to see Ayurveda in action. He also interacted with the members of the press after the address.


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