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Dr. Sushma Tiwary


An Ayurveda consultant par excellence and a person of integrity with a heart of gold, Dr. Sushma Tiwary has been a great asset to She started her career as an Ayurveda consultant after completing BAMS from Calcutta University and PGD in Rasa Shastra (CRAV). She has also received certification from the National Academy of Ayurveda for Management of Skin Diseases. It is due to her immense dedication to work and care for patients that she has risen through the ranks to play a leading role at Ayushmaanbhavah.

Dr. Sushma Tiwary has achieved proficiency in Aushadh Nirman, which involves the preparation of high-quality herbo-minerals. In addition to her Ayurveda consultancy at Ayushmaanbhavah in Ahmedabad, she is a visiting faculty in Kolkata and Pune. Prior to Ayushmaanbhavah, she had shouldered key responsibilities at leading organizations such as Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic Hospital and College and Patanjali Arogya Kendra (Gauripur, Kolkata).

Dr. Sushma Tiwary has been divinely blessed by her guru Ayurveda Ratna Vaidya Rameshwar Lal Sharma, which has contributedsignificantly to her mastery in Ayurveda practices, therapies and treatments.Credit also goes to Dr. Sushma Tiwary, as she has proved to be a worthy and meritorious professional by absorbing all the deep knowledge and insights about Ayurveda. She has also worked hard and practiced at various Aarogya Kendras to consistently improve her knowledge and practical applicability of Ayurveda principles, therapies and treatments.

One of the great things about Dr. Sushma Tiwary is that she is immensely popular among the patients who visit Ayushmaanbhavah for Ayurveda treatment. Being a kind-hearted and sensitive human being, she is easily able to understand the health issues of patients. This in turn allows her to prescribe the best possible Ayurveda treatment to patients. Dr. Sushma has extensive knowledge about human psychology, which allows her to understand the pains and dilemmas being experienced by patients. Her Ayurveda treatment prescriptions have a high success rate, as she is thorough with her assessment, diagnosis and interactions with the patients.Dr. Sushma is also known for her experimentations with certain Ayurveda medications, many of which have been hugely successful at treating specific diseases.

On a personal level, Dr. Sushma is a deeply spiritual person with the most profound devotion for Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh. It is due to her spiritual leanings that she has been blessed with the divine light, which is clearly evident on her radiant face. Her divine connect makes patients feel at ease, allowing them to share their deepest problems and issues without any hesitation. This ability to establish an instant rapport with patients is a great asset for every successful doctor.

Even when Dr. Sushma has vast knowledge of Ayurveda principles, practices and treatments, she is always eager to learn new things. She is a mature and balanced individual, which helps her tackle the toughest problems of patients. She possesses great love for humanity in her heart and always sports a smiling face. Dr. Sushma Tiwary has proved to be a significant asset for Ayushmaanbhavah, as she has been able to provide relief and hope to patients and ultimately a sense of deep satisfaction after successful treatment.

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