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Drawback of using condoms

Several men complain that they cannot keep an erection after putting on a condom. Such kind of discomfort is usually experienced normal-thickness condoms. Thinner condoms should be tried, which also provide same protection.

Putting on condom is considered a spoilsport, as mood gets ruined and erection is not the same. It breaks the sequence of sexual activity events by interrupting foreplay and sex.

Male condoms can slip off or break if used incorrectly.

Switching between brands, If you do it more often, a condom may become excuse of not having a pleasurable sexual activity.

A condom may promote safe sex and secure you against sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and unwanted pregnancy, but its single use is a disadvantage. Remember that each condom should only be used once.

Men with erectile dysfunction disorder may have a difficult time while putting on a condom. Interruption of sexual act makes it difficult to sustain the erection.

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