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DRI intercepts 6.14kg of Gold near Chennai

In a major catch in the recent days, The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence(DRI) on Wednesday who has conducted a surprise raid has recovered 6.14 kgs of gold. The estimated worth in the market is Rs 1.79 crore. The DRI officials has detained two persons connected with this.

The gold was found near Chennai when the two suspects have boarded a train in Kamakhya station for their onward journey to Chennai. Their bagage was checked which had  37 pcs of gold biscuits each weighing 166gms (totally weighing 6.14 kgs of gold) with foreign markings on them. The gold biscuits were smuggled from Myanmar through Moreh border.

These gold bars were wrapped in a newspaper. DRI officials are continuing with their further enquiries to find out as to who has been behind this illegal operation.

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