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Tuesday , 23 April 2019
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Drug Commission raids in Delhi’s Medical Stores

In the Delhi some days ago drug inspectors made a raid to various medical stores and established a medical store was stocking drugs in unconstrained location. Entire drugs have been detained. Also in the raid, it was seen that about 21 medical store owners were selling routine making medicines unlawfully.

Now, the Delhi’s drug department will not issue the afresh license to the defaulter chemist shop owners.

In earlier practices, if in case the medical store owner was caught under the corruption, still their kin are supposed to get the license in their name. But, same has to now discounted, from onwards the culprit chemist shop owner’s family will also not be able to get any license on their name.

Delhi’s Drug Commissioner, Dr. Mrinalini Darswal told that it is given instructions that whoever is stocking the illegal medicines will not be given any license for the lifetime and even the family of culprit also not be given the license.

According to the drug official, in the raid, Shivam Medicos’s owner is caught red-handed for selling the needles, drug bottles without labeling. The investigation will be initiated against the medical store.

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