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Drug Eluting Stents were sold at high price in India by Multinational companies

Accordingly, to the International stent businesses state that the maximum price static by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority is commercially unrealistic. These companies are vending at lesser prices in opulent nations with lesser markets than India. As per the International companies, they are selling stents at a low price to the countries like Germany, Italy and numerous other European nations.

In the past many years if the price is observed, we can see that Indians are deceived of millions of rupees in past many years. The price gap has resulted in absence of price law and price regulator in India.

After the price law, at current for drug-eluting stent Indians are paying some Rs 31,000 which is lower than US price.

Before the price law, as per the price variants, it was seen that in India, patients are charged more than US patients for a drug eluting stent which varieties from Rs 62,000 to Rs 78,000. Hospitals were indicating virtually twofold for prices drug eluting stent which was ranging from Rs 65,000 to Rs 1.7 lakh.

The price control has brought the almost 50 percent price differences for the drug-eluting stent.

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