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Thursday , 24 January 2019
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Due to hike in LPG cylinder, people are willing to take subsidy back

Until April 2016 close to 1 Crore people had given up given up their LPG subsidies.

Prime Minister started this initiative with the aim to overthrow the country’s necessity on energy imports by 10% by 2022 and also it was started to give LPG service to those people who cannot have it because of money dearth.

MP from Hisar had asked Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister if the Centre has given people the choice to take back LPG subsidy or not.  And detailed data on how many people have occupied it back to them.

The reason behind taking back the LPG subsidy is price increased in LPG.

To reply MP, Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister gave the detailed report of same. As per the detail, Maharashtra is top state demanding to take LPG subsidy back.

In a year time non-subsidy, LPG cylinder was at Rs 513 in Delhi, while after the 2017 hike in prices, now non-subsidy LPG is costing Rs. 737, the increase is 224 Rs. , it is almost 43  percent increase.

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