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Wednesday , 20 March 2019
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Early child care to prevent child abuse

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Who are they?

They gave birth to twins

It’s a girl, the world got empowered

It’s a boy, the familyrejoiced.

They are the love of theirparents’ life and their giggles made their house heaven.

But few years later,

The girl was scared of the uncle who gifts her chocolates daily

The boy was hiding behind his father seeing the lady who takes care of him regularly

The giggles were now turning into screams in the corner room

Children lost themselves in the room full of terror.

Did they tell it to anyone?

Their mother was a working woman,

Father was successful businessman

Their aunt was in different city walking on success road

Their grandparents were very old, weak and sick,

Theirparents loved them through video calls,

And the tremble in the voice was named network error

How are they now?

The kids are now losing themselves in their own world

The boy is terrified of every lady who holds him even out of love

The girl is scared of every man having moustache and black shoes

What should have been done?

Their parents should have looked into their kids eyes,

Noticed the pain in their loved ones voice

Should have felt that their kids heart was more injured than the kneewhen fell from stairs

And know that their money is not healing scars of their loved ones

 The above write up is brief description of most kids nowadays. Parents work day and night to ensure that kids have bright future and that kids don’t feel shortage of anything and in doing that they leave their kids with the shortage of love and trust. Parents think that they are small and hence all their kids need is facilities and toys. They rely so much on people around them that they can’t even see the insecurities their kid is having with that person.

The lack of trust between parent and child builds a communication gap which over the time becomes very hard to reduce.

Parents admit their kids in pre-school in the hope that they will get good education and will help their kid in building good future.

But they forget that there is one basic need every child requires. Your child needssafety, security and respect from his surroundings.

As per basic observation, kids don’t know how people around them are suppose to behave. They accept whatever comes their way, they embrace everything they like at the age when they have no knowledge of what to like and what not to like. There is a saying that ‘Kids are like clay, you can mould them into any desired shape.’ And therefore when that clay gets distorted while giving it any shape, the clay loses its shape essence, its basic properties. It’s very hard for the clay to acquire its moisture after it has started forming the shape. Therefore one needs to pay utmost care while molding it.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to look after your kid, make him understand basic rights he is entitled for,at early age make your kid know that he is the owner of his respect, teach him the difference between comforted and discomforted touch, make him realize that there exist a difference the way he is loved and make him aware of how to use basic tactics when an approaching stranger is wrong.

Your child needs most care and attention during first few years because this is the time when he develops himself into the kind of person he will be for the rest of life. This is the time which decides whether your child will be introvert or extrovert. This is the time which will decide how his mind will speak.

Educating your child about his rights and making him use them is very challenging while upbringing but this is the basic need of your child.

If you take care of your child at early stage of his life, he will always feels that there is someone to take care of him every time. He is ensured that even if the world turns evil, even if his most trusted person becomes monster, he knows that you are his angel guardian. Protecting and gaining his trust is the most difficult but most necessary thing.

The world is no better place for anyone but as a parent, as a society, as a country it’s our responsibility to provide a safe and secure working environment for our children

 We are the care takers of upcoming generation and providing them safe environment and telling them the importance of themselves is most important thing as parents one needs to do.



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