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East Lifestyles – Preserving your love for classic furniture

The allure of classic, Victorian style solid wood furniture is for the select few who have a discerning taste for the good things in life. It’s for people who understand and appreciate the finer aspects of east style furniture that epitomizes pure elegance, nature’s innate beauty, exquisite craftsmanship, and the ethereal magnificence of intricate design work.

While times have certainly changed, there are some who are still holding strong to preserve the love for classic, antique style furniture. One such name is East Lifestyles, which specializes in replicating classic furniture in solid wood. This exclusive range has been named The Colonial Outpost, and East has been offering these to its esteemed clients since 1996. To keep up with the evolving needs of its growing clientele, East introduced its Sublime range in 2006, which is essentially a fusion collection of solid wood furniture. The Sublime range captures the elegance of period furniture and blends it beautifully with the minimalistic elements of modern styles and designs.

One of the good things about East is that it offers extensive customization, as per the unique tastes and preferences of its clients. You can choose from the catalogue of contemporary designs created by East’s in-house design team or give shape to your classic, antique design ideas. Every piece of furniture is made using top quality solid wood such as Rosewood, Teak wood, oak, etc. and all of these are handcrafted by the finest craftsmen. You can share your idea in words or you can get started with just a photograph that may feature a classic, antique piece of furniture. You can order to customize all aspects of the furniture such as wood texture, color, upholstery, design, carvings, etc. Restoration of classic, antique furniture is another area where East excels in. You have to look at the before-after photographs of such projects to believe in the magical nature of such incredible transformations.


East’s journey started in 1996, but the core idea was born much earlier when Calcutta was the hub of Colonial India and the city was known for its wide variety of fascinating antique furniture. It all started with the love and passion that the Bhasin family shared for antique furniture. Initially, it started as a hobby to make replicas of antique furniture, but soon, it transformed into a full-fledged business, as more and more customers expressed their love for such furniture. The Bhasin family is credited with creating absolute masterpieces that have found place not only in India, but also in the top cities in the world such as London, Paris, Vienna, Milan, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Christchurch, and Sydney, among others.

East’s popular legacy is now being taken to even greater heights of success by Kabir Bhasin, the second generation entrepreneur in the Bhasin family. An MBA pass out from the prestigious SP Jain, Kabir has displayed an intense love and passion for classic furniture, right from his school days. This has helped him transform East Lifestyles and to achieve new milestones in its journey. Kabir is a prolific entrepreneur and has launched other ventures as well such as and Furlenco, in addition to East Lifestyles.


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