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Easy secrets to revamp your home with Exquisite royal antiques

Antique collectables are considered to be jewels found in the rust for most individuals who reminiscence the old world charm. These collectable items are true jewels and keepers if well kept and well maintained. They add an unforgettable glamorous charm to every nook and corner.

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Product Advertising, is very essential and in trend, as most citizens enjoy collecting old boxes, to perfume bottles, old jars , cognac bottles and much more, also posters of old vintage advertisements are sure to draw ones interest when hung up in rooms or next to bars etc. Most citizens enjoy advertising as it always sells and brings back a memoir of their most preferred brands.

Crockery is an essential tool for in any woman’s kitchen. Copper cutlery is also very popular and in trend as it’s healthy to eat in and keeps food warm and scrumptious for hours.  It is also considered to be a part of a rich historic culture. Serving food in copper vessels in sure to surprise your guests and it adds a touch of luxe to your dinner. Copper cutlery has been around for centuries in most nations and is making its way back.

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Mini chandeliers are an exclusive piece of modern art. Most popular individuals now a day have smaller houses and a mini chandelier truly completes the perfect picture. Although most people love the look of a chandelier they find larger ones difficult to maintain thus the mini chandeliers pave the ways. They’re durable, enhance the décor, and add a touch of opulence to one’s home as well.  Floor lamps are also very in trend as they go well with a modern outlook and enhance the décor and over all look and feel of the interior.

Products made from paper mache are also making a comeback. Gorgeous paper mache boxes and vases made from paper and glue, hand painted on by artisans and craftsmen within that region. These products are light in weight, last long and also add a touch of beauty and charisma to ones lovely home as well.

Framed carpets from jewel to crewel carpets are now being framed and hung up on walls. These carpets are hand knotted, crafted by artisans in that region and dyed with eco-friendly colors, framed and hung up on walls. They alter the interiors and enhance the décor of one’s lovely home by adding this surprising element which is sure to capture ones heart.

Fine China is also quite popular in most houses and always seen. Beautiful antique vases, dolls, plates and a lot more, they can be stored in glass cupboards or in cabinets and make wonderful show pieces that are always the star of the party.

By : Saddam Zaroo, Managing Director Khazir Sons

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