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Easy way to keep your menstrual cycle regular

Irregular Menstrual cycle is a normal now days for every girl. We always busy with our work and don’t have time to maintain our diet. A diet without nutrients can make your periods irregular. Doctors always suggest a proper nutritious diet that every girl should have on regular basis. 
We are going to tell you some rich diet that can increase blood flow in pelvic area and uterus.
food to keep your menstrual cycle regular 
1 – Ginger 
Ginger increase our metabolism and help to keep menstrual cycle regular. You can have it with honey for quick results.
2 – Celery 
Celery has antioxidants which increase blood flow in pelvic area. In periods time girls should have celery water.
3 – Papaya 
Papaya has estrogen which increase hormones level and keep periods regular. You can have papaya shake for better results.
4 – Black sesame 

Should have one spoon black sesame with empty stomach.
5 – Pumpkin seeds 
Pumpkin seeds have Zinc testosterone which increase hormones level.
6 – Pineapple 
Pineapple has magnesium which increase blood level in uterus. Mix grind ginger in pineapple juice for better results.
7 – Turmeric Milk
You  can take a glass of hot turmeric milk for better results and it will also give you relief in pain.



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