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Friday , 19 April 2019
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EBOLA : The Global Threat


World health organization on Saturday gave out a statement stating it could not move the doctor in Sierra Leone affected with Ebola virus to a hospital in Hamburg, Germany. Doctor Olivet Buck is a new addition in the list of doctors working in Sierra Leone to be diagnosed with the Deadly Ebola virus which has taken more than 2400 lives till date in West Africa.

African nation Sierra Leone requested WHO to help out with funds to evacuate the African national to Germany where he could be treated with the deadly virus. Dr. Buck would be the first national to travel abroad in case he does else all remaining doctors have succumbed to death within the nation itself due to the virus.

A spokesman from WHO issued a statement stating at the current movement it could not help out with the movement of doctor to Germany; however it will provide all necessary help required for the treatment of doctor within the country including the experimental drugs too.

download“WHO is unable to organize evacuation of this doctor to (Germany) but is exploring all options on how to ensure best care,” words of WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic

The major cause of spread of the disease is bodily fluid which has led to many health aid workers catching the virus. Due to unavailability of proper equipment and resources more than 300 health aid workers have been diagnosed with the virus. The discrepancy in policy or some bilateral decisions till date only foreign workers and doctors have been allowed to go abroad for treatment else all local nations have been made to stay in the African subcontinent.

Less number of skilled labours and doctors and to add on the health workers catching the virus the outspread is getting massive and uncontrollable. In a letter from Liberian president to US president Barack Obama he has appealed for a dramatic help and support in the medical front to bring normalcy in life and to avoid any civic unrest

Liberian president sirleaf said “I am being honest with you when I say that at this rate, we will never break the transmission chain and the virus will overwhelm us”

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