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Wednesday , 19 June 2019
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Ebola the Global Threat: Dallas patient critical

Thomas Duncan the Ebola patient who travelled to from Texas from Liberia has gone critical. The condition of the patient has gone from serious to critical. None of the 50 people under vigilance of centre for disease control have showed and fever or symptoms of Ebola, but the health officials will keep a strong check on the potential patients. Mr. Duncan was sent back from a Dallas hospital on 26th September only to return back in 2 days. Hospitals authorities were negligent to the fact that he told he was travelling from Liberia.

10 people who were in close contact with Thomas Duncan have been moved to an apartment given by a volunteer. The health officials are keeping a close eye on all to see any symptoms of EBOLA that come up. Post the case the number of calls from people with symptoms of EBOLA has gone up massively. The US health department has received more than 100 calls from people with symptoms of EBOLA. The Duncan case has made people aware and hospitals hyper-active in terms of there response to people coming in with symptoms. Increased attention has gained nerves and people travelling from West Africa or from those communities are being on kind of a red alert.

By: Manu Arora

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