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EBOLA: The Global Threat – part 3

The situation of spreading EBOLA virus is worsening and front line aid have suspected that the virus outbreak is highly underestimated as compared to the original figure. Till date more than 1000 deaths have been reported and the number of sick coming in has risen. According to a front line aid worker, many cases of Ebola are going unreported as they cannot document so many cases. The medical facilities available with the WHO team are falling short. The amount of time a new bed comes in the Ebola treatment centre more than 2 patients come to occupy the bed. People are frightened to go to EBOLA treatment centres and many are not reporting the cases. In Liberia some 75 cases have come out from a single district.

Liberia on Friday opened a second centre to treat the EBOLA affected patients. The earlier centre fell to short to handle the inflow of patients. The existing centre had 25 beds; new centre is expected to have 120 beds.  The challenge with the authorities was to isolate the patients else the virus would start replicating fast. Virus transmission can happen with transfer of bodily fluids like blood, sweat or urine.

The UN health agency warned the official death and sick figures of 1165 and 1975 might be highly underestimated and the magnitude to real figures might be pretty large. Ebola virus causes bleeding, fever and vomiting and has proved fatal in more than 50% cases. The severe shortage of doctors, a poor medical system and extreme poverty have worsened the situation.

 On the global Fronts Kenya has banned travellers to EBOLA hit nations in West Africa Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and Liberia. Kenya Airways has banned travellers coming from or through West African countries. It has banned all airlines from Freetown and Monrovia.  Princeton University has issued a travel advisory to students travelling to these countries. The university has issued a warning to travel to all these countries.

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