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Ebola: The Global threat

Ebola Virus many of us sitting in Asia would not have heard about it as the presence of virus in Asia in zero, but western Africa and Europe are reeling under situations of a potential deadly threat. Ebola a virus commonly found in the tropical forest areas has shown its first major symptoms in West African virus. Ebola is a virus that causes hemorrhagic fevers, speaking in a layman’s language it is a virus tEbola Virus: Global hat causes fever and leads to internal and external bleeding. The disease causes severe blood loss which leads to death. About 900 cases of death have been reported by this virus with Liberia being one of the major hit countries. In Africa the infection was penned as transmitted to people handling infectious animals as they came in contact with infected skins and bodily fluids. The disease than went from humans to humans as they came in contact of skin or bodily fluids of an infected person. Ebola virus is gaining massive coverage as about 90% people clinically diagnosed have died because of the virus. In the case of virus Ebola we are talking about a fierce rapidly growing virus.

 The popular symptoms of Ebola include headache, high fever, weakness, muscle pain, sore throat. This situation then leads to internal problems like ill functioning liver and kidney, body rashes and in some cases massive internal and external bleeding. The time between catching the virus and the onset of symptoms can be around 2 to 20 days. The disease generally comes to people who come in physical contact. Touching infected wounds, burying people at funerals, several cases of people handling virus patients and getting the virus have also been reported.

In this era of mobile and interconnected world Ebola is considered as a global threat. African countries and WHO has declared it as a global potential threat. People are abandoning family members affected with virus, due to government’s directive to have quarantine near affected peoples close contact.  Till date no vaccinations for the same are available in the market and it is considered as a no cure disease. The outbreak and media motivation has caused international authorities and African health officials to develop policies against the same. At current we are looking at a global threat with the policies of US and Europe will be a major role player against the same. We will be evaluating the global perspective of the same in the upcoming article. Stay in touch for EBOLA: Global Threat 2.

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