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Ebola Virus: Global perspective

Ebola Disease

Ebola Infection

This Friday saw World health organization declare The Ebola virus as an international public health emergency. The virus till date has claimed more than 1000 lives and with the cases reported rising day by day, the death toll is expected to shoot up at an exponential speed. Virus which started in Guinea has covered 4 West African countries with cases being reported in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. The inadequate medical supplies and potential incapacity to deal with the threat has created more uncertainties in the world community about the countries capacity to handle the virus. The virus is becoming fatal and the number of cases reported against health care workers handling the affected people has also gone up. There has been a complete surge in the number of patients coming in with symptoms since Wednesday. With WHO declaring the virus as a global threat and increasing patient volume might discourage the aid groups working and leave them incapable.

 Following the WHO warning major Asian countries have issued a travel advisory and have started scanning people infected before leaving them clear. Infrared thermal imaging to scan the passengers for fever and other symptoms; and advisory to postpone travel has been issued. The virus generally spread by transmission of bodily fluids, with primarily symptoms being body pain joint aches, followed by vomiting and at the last bleeding both internally and externally. Though the risk of outbreak in Asia is pretty low; still countries like china and Japan have issued advisory to hospitals to develop quarantine as soon as a patient displays symptoms. Indian health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan issued a statement stating country will scan passengers starting their journey from all those 4 countries and will keep a check on passengers travelling from these countries for 20-25 days to check for any potential virus symptoms.

Author: Manu Arora

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