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Edouard Philippe is French Prime Minister

Eduoard Philippe has been named the new Prime Minister of France by the President Emmanuel Macron yesterday. Philippe would take over the baton from PM Bernard Cazeneuva.  He has been a Member of Parliament for Normandy.

Philippe, who is also the mayor of the northern port of Le Havre comes from Les Republicans whose Presidential candidate Francois Fillon lost the race in the very first round. He later pledged to support Macron who emerged as a winner with an unassailable lead. The newly elected French PM has always supported the idea of keeping the border with Britain shut to asylum seekers. This was done in order to ensure that there are no illegal immigrants and all who wanted to enter France are gone through proper channels.

Having seen within his party as a centrist, Eduoard has supported the former prime minister Alain Juppé in the party’s primary race to choose a presidential candidate last year. However things did not materialise. President Macron has made his position clear by appointing Edouard as PM that he did not bother about the traditional Left-Right divide but pick his colleagues on merit.

 Macron’s newly created party REM has invited others to join and since Philippe is inducted into it, it may attract the other Republicans to join leaving aside the traditional parties which is seen as a new ear in the French Politics.

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