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Eggless & liquor less Christmas plum cake from Beekays’

Bangalore 10th December 2018 – Christmas is a borrowed festival which everyone loves to celebrate. First and foremost, there’s is a special place for the Christmas cake and then there is Santa. Aren’t they good reasons to have some good spirits. One really enjoyed the Christmas countdown be it any part of the world. Everywhere people are gearing up for gifting, decorating, helping the community and celebrating. People love decorating the tree and soaking the fruit.

In the midst of all that there is a time when one looks for the lovely Kerala style Christmas plum cake. This is a unique preparation, with a mild aroma from the cinnamon and cloves and with sweet bites of dry fruit. A hint of vanilla with the orange rind all made this cake so complex. Yet the cake is soft and crumbly to the touch.

Tweaking the recipe to its best over multiple trials here we are with the egg less alcohol free Christmas plum cake. Beekays’ did try various methods to soak the fruits but always felt the lingering taste of alcohol in them… Which many did not like.  Then came a long a simple solution. Make the almost perfect bake too good. Now, this eggless alcohol free version of Christmas plum cake is in super demand. Beekays’ continuous product innovation has worked well and Bengaluru is just loving it. Available in the packs of (40g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 400g, 500g ,1kg)

Honestly many will find this better than the doughy ones which one would have tried in the past.

Look for Beekays’ plum cake at your nearest stores and celebrate Christmas with fervor and joy. After all, every ones loves to celebrate Christmas in their own way suiting their tastes and cultures.

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