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Eight people die in Senegal football stadium

Eight people were killed and 60 were injured during Senegal’s football league cup final in Dakar on Saturday, as a wall collapsed onto clashing supporters triggering a panicked stampede.

The incident happened at the League Cup final between Stade de Mbour and Union Sportive Ouakam at the Demba Diop stadium on Saturday. At 2-1 during extra time, US Ouakam supporters began throwing stones at Stade de Mbour fans, causing spectators to begin vacating their seats in a rush.

Part of a wall supporting bleachers seating fans from both sides then collapsed, while police had begun firing tear gas and panic spread in the stadium leading to a crush.

A mass deployment of firefighters and ambulances remained at the scene late Saturday.

Government spokesman Seydou Gueye on Sunday condemned the violence, adding that authorities moved the injured to hospitals around Dakar. He said an investigation will be opened into the incident. The government also announced a ban on sports and cultural activities during the Campaigning for Senegal’s legislative elections due on July 30, Sunday in respect for the victims, said a spokesman for President Macky Sall.  He also wanted “punishments serving as a warning,” following the tragedy, spokesman El Hamidou Kasse said.


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