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Elderly women caused flight delay by tossing coins into engine

Tossing coins to into plane engine is now added to the list of reasons that could cause flight delays. An 80-year-old passenger on a flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou threw coins into the aircraft’s engine for good luck and as a prayer for safety.

Police took away an 80-year-old woman Tuesday after fellow passengers reported that she was throwing coins at the plane during boarding of China Southern Airlines flight CZ380 on the tarmac of Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport.

The coins could have been sucked into the engine and caused great damage, even catastrophic failure, said the captain of the China Southern Airlines flight.

The elderly passenger was taken into police custody, the airline said in a statement. The police later stated after investigation that the passenger was Buddhist and threw the coins to pray for safety.

The officers found nine coins at the scene, including one that fell into the engine of the Airbus A320 aircraft, with others scattered on the ground nearby.

The story became viral in most of China and it is the topic discussed widely in the social media.

The plane sat on the tarmac for five hours at Shanghai Pudong International Airport while mechanics found nine coins in one engine.

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