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Thursday , 20 June 2019
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Election Commission considering cancellation of RK Nagar bypoll

The IT Raid in the houses of Health Minister of Tamilnadu Dr Vijaya Bhaskar and his asscoiates and also in the house of Actor Sarath Kumar and other highly placed officials including that of MLA hostel has opened up can of worms. Couple of ministers and an MP had barged into the house of Dr Vijaya Bhaskar which itself is a gross violation and they had even argued with a woman officer. In the mean while, a person ran out with a chit and thrown it outside which was picked by a party cadre who disappeared. Rumours are that this chit would have had some crucial information. When so much of gros violation has taken place which was shown live on television channels, the minister has denied of having his house yielded with any money though reports say otherwise.

Lot of discriminatory documents were also said to have been captured. The highlight on the social media yesterday was about the purported list which had the names of few prominent ministers including that of the CM who was entrusted with money distribution to the voters mentioning the amount, voters to be paid along with the official’s signatures. Though we are not yet sure about the genuineness of this document, EC is believed to have taken all this into consideration and may declare the by-poll to be cancelled for the time being We will get to know about it on or before Monday since EC Rajiv Lakhoni has rushed to New Delhi yesterday evening to discuss about this grave issue with the CEC and others .

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