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Election Commission to have meeting on EVM today

Today Election Commission to meet leaders of 55 political factions to chat the matter of interfering of Electronic Voting Machines. In the meeting, 7 national parties and 48 state parties will discussion on the reliability of EVM machines. After 16 factions requested to look at EVM machines if those are authenticated, mentioning that confidence of people in EVMs had been damaged.

As factions suspected EVMs machines were interfered to get benefit by the faction in latest Assembly elections. Now Election Commission is also expected to ephemeral to the parties about its strategic EVM slashing test.

In recent past, Aam Aadmi Party blamed that Electronic Voting Machines could have interfered. Saurabh Bhardwaj leader of Aam Aadmi Party said that Supreme Court also has elevated queries on the genuineness of the EVMs.

The Election Commission is expected to chat on other electoral improvements as well which will include banning of candidates named in a care sheet for corrupting electorates.


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