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Elisabeth Hadida: Modelling Her Way to Great Heights

People working in the fashion industry ought to be aware of current fashion trends to ensure their clients are satisfied with the quality of service. If you’re in this industry, you can learn a great deal from the life of young Elisabeth Hadida.

Settled in Paris, France, Hadida has experience of working with some top fashion houses in the country. The journey to success wasn’t easy for her. However, her fashion sense, understanding of customer needs, and passion made it easier for her to establish her career.

She started her career with Christian Dior. A year later, she joined VF Corporation as the Forecast Assistant. She also worked with Tara Jarmon for around 3 years. But she got the breakthrough when was offered a role of Europe Retail Buyer at Balenciaga in early 2010.

During her tenure with Balenciaga, she was responsible to make critical decisions about men as well as women clothing. However, due to her interest in men clothing, she promoted unisex clothing that isquite popular these days. She owes her success to her father who helped her develop an amazing fashion sense from an early age.

Since her father owned a men clothing store, she got the opportunity to observe customers and better evaluate their tastes. Her curious nature helped her learn everything through which she could assist the organizations where she worked, better meet their clients’ needs. This is the reason why she was promoted to the position of Senior Buying Manager.

She got another big opportunity in 2018.Her career highlight was the day when she moved to Saint Laurent as Merchandising Manager. Her reputation and skills helped her secure a job with one of the most popular and elite fashion brands. She joined the fashion house in October and has been effectively leading a big team since then.

Some people may find it difficult to live in a multicultural society. But Elisabeth Hadida made the most of this opportunity and learned about different cultures and their preferences. Instead of boasting about her own persona, she put her entire focus on learning about others. This helped her grow on personal and professional levels.

Elisabeth Hadida is a lively fashionista whose positive energy lifts the spirit of others around her. Despite being a mother of a young kid, she knows how to balance her personal and professional life.She made her way to success with her own efforts.

The following quote made her journey easier:

“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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