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Elvis Presley still earning a fortune even after 40 years of his demise

Elvis Presley died on 16th August 1977. He was just 42 by then when he died of heart attack and main reason attributed to his death was his food habits. His favourite sandwich was said to consist of two slices of fried bread, with crispy bacon and fried bananas, smothered in jam and peanut butter.

The fans all over the world remembered his death and his legacy is continuing even after 40 years of him passing away. Forbes pegged his earnings at USD27 Million in 2016 with a staggering 1 million albums in sales.

However another side of the story says that Elvis is very much alive. A page created on facebook for this purpose said “In order to protect himself and his family from a criminal organisation called The Fraternity,” the video commentary explained, “Elvis Presley arranged things to look as if he had died.” Another YouTube video says “He is a Reptilian Shapeshifter that didn’t change but He also faked his death and fooled a lot of people by doing it…” He is also believed to have acted as an extra in the airport scene of Home Alone that was released in 1990.

Elvis Is Alive Museum in Wright City, Missouri has also been set up which has seen hundreds and thousands of visitors. Whether the news about his existence is true or not, what is true is that this legendary singer is still earning in millions…

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