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Embrace the winters with these tips for frizz free hair

To be attributed to Mr. Samay Dutta, Director – NOIR, the Luxury Blow Bar

As we know, this season is all about the unpleasant winds and dry air which can be a bane for our stunning tresses. So, don’t let the winter breeze create chaos on your hair and follow these tips to battle frizz and make them radiant and healthy.

Avoid washing hair in hot water

Winters are all about using hot water in the bath but it is not really healthy for your hair. The boiling the water is, the weaker, dry and frizzier your hair will roll. Try washing your hair in cold or tepid water to have frizz- free hair and no split ends.

Apply a leave in conditioner

To have a frizz free hair, it is ideal to use leave in conditioner in winters. Try applying it twice a week evenly on the hair ends. To flaunt those desirable tresses, apply it immediately after hair wash and shun the frizz.

Go for Hair taming Treatment
As our scalp becomes dried up and loses its moisture very hastily in winters, hair taming is the best bet this season. This looks much natural and fewer chemicals are used as compared to other hair treatments. This will not only give you frizz free hair but also lower down the growth of split ends.

Dry your hair before blow-drying
 To make it more controllable and flaunt strong hair in winters, dry it naturally.  Blow dry after a while to stay away from any damage to your hair this season. This magic trick will surely work wonders to encourage frizz free locks.


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