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Emmanuel Macron is the new French President

Emmanuel Macron has won the French Presidential elections by securing a comprehensive 65.8% out of the total votes polled whereas his competitor Marie Le Pen has secured 34.2%

By this, Macron who is just 39 has become the youngest President in the history of France. Had Marie Le Pen would have become he President, France may have considered about exiting the EU thereby triggering FREXIT just like Britain’s BREXIT.

US President Donald Trump congratulated Macron on his decisive victory by posting a tweet.

Earlier, the news about Macron’s victory was confirmed by the French Prime Minister. It is to be noted that Francois Fillon who came third in the first round of elections which took place last week along with the outgoing French President Francois Hollande had pledged their support to Macron.

The turnout in this election however was much lower than the past three Presidential elections with nearly a quarter of voters did not cast their vote which shows the anger remains among the voters. Marie Le Pen has also congratulated the newly elected President and termed it as the French people has voted for continuity.

France is the second biggest economy in the European Union.

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