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Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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Emraan Hashmi Inaugurates India’s First Cashless Cancer Hospital for Poor

In a groundbreaking initiative, Bangalore based entrepreneurial couple Mr. Vijay Tata and his wife Mrs. Amrita Tata launch NEW INDIA, a self-funded NGO, and gift Rs 200 crore for setting up a super-specialty cashless cancer care hospital for the underprivileged.

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Cancer is one of the biggest challenges that humanity is facing today. The dreaded disease affects the rich and the poor alike, with the latter facing the worst predicament. Cancer treatment is quite costly, which makes it out of reach of most BPL families. A chemotherapy session costs around Rs 90,000 and the overall cancer treatment can run into lakhs of rupees. Poor families are usually burdened with huge debts when fighting cancer, something that destroystheir hopes for a good life. Many poor families can’t even arrange the necessary money for cancer treatment, whichdeprives them from getting timely care. Poor cancer patients and their loved ones undergo phenomenal suffering and many end up overwhelmed, physically, emotionally and financially.

However, there’s hope for people, as we see some distinctive personalities and organizations coming together to fight cancer. In one such development, we recently witnessed the launch of NEW INDIA, a self-funded NGO founded by Bangalore based leading businessman Mr. Vijay Tata and his wife Mrs. Amrita Tata.The entrepreneurial couple launched the NGO on the occasion of their daughter’s birthday to make it a memorable event.They also announced that they have gifted Rs 200 crore for building the state-of-the-art cancer hospital that will be providing free cancer care and treatment to the needy and poor people. We were heartened to witness the event, as it was one of the rare occasions when the entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy come together to create positive changes in the society.

The launch event of NEW INDIA was held in Bengaluru and it was inaugurated by Bollywood actor Mr. Emraan Hashmi. As many of you may be aware, Mr. Hashmi’s son Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 3 years old. Mr. Hashmi and his family members were deeply disturbed by this unfortunate development in their lives. However, Ayaan put up a brave fight and has successfully defeated cancer after receiving chemotherapy and other treatment. The experience has led Mr. Hashmi and his family members to develop a strong sense of empathy for cancer patients. At the launch of NEW INDIA, Mr. Hashmi said, “I have very closely seen the pain which cancer patients and their family goes through. NEW INDIA’s initiative to create new hope for poor cancer patients is worth appreciating and I am glad that individuals like Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata are coming forward to take this novel step.”

NEW INDIA will be entirely self-funded by Mr. Vijay Tata &Mrs. Amrita Tata. The NGO will not accept donations from any other external agency. Mr. Vijay Tata &Mrs. Amrita Tata have already been providing food and shelter to 40 kids for the last 6 years and now they want to give back more to the society by launching India’s first cashless cancer care hospital for poor people. The couple has contributed Rs 100 crore for NEW INDIA in the form of land measuring 50 acres, located at Attibele-Anekal Road, Bangalore. An additional Rs 100 crore will be used for building the super-specialty cancer care hospital. All needy and poor cancer patients will be given treatment completely free of charge. This will be the first such cashless hospital in India.

During the launch of NEW INDIA, Mr. Vijay Tata said, “A small step can transform into a milestone and development is always bottom-up. Our Honorable PM’s vision on healthcare for all inspired me. Our major thrust today is to work for improving the life of our people who are below poverty line. The need of the hour is to give proper guidance and free timely treatment to them. New India is a national movement and underprivileged cancer patients across India will be treated free of cost. We are sure that this cashless cancer hospital will be able to pull down the agony of these people up-to a certain extent at-least on the monetary side. A Nation’s progress lies in its ability to provide health and care to its people. A healthy India is our aim.”

Mrs. Amrita Tata said, “To make a difference, one has to be the difference. Many people want to work on these lines but we are fortunate enough to execute this initiative on my daughter’s birthday. We want to give it back to the society and we have already taken the first step. NEW INDIA wishes to provide a holistic care and solution for cancer patients, which include free treatment and after care. We will also be aggressively working towards other social causes for women and children.”

The Super Specialty Cashless Cancer Care Hospital for poor people will be developed in phases. The first phase is expected to be operational by December 2018. The hospital will have 150 beds and advancedinfrastructure for cancer diagnostics, care and treatment. Poor patients will be provided treatment by the best oncologists and consultants. The project has been entirely designed by BDP, a leading UK based Architect and Engineering firm. Formerly known as Building Design Partnership, BDP has global operations with more than 900 staff in the UK.

NEW INDIA is an effort by Mr. Vijay Tata &Mrs. Amrita Tata to give back to the society and the country that has enabled them to pursue their dreams and succeed in life. The couple believes that NEW INDIA will be instrumental in bringing about a positive change for poor cancer patients and their families. Although NEW INDIA is entirely self-funded and does not accept donations, it is open to collaboration with other NGOs, partners and individuals. You can help by working as a volunteer for NEW INDIA and by sharing this message with your family and friends.

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