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Friday , 18 January 2019
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Engineer, Mba and then a Banker

It seems very funny at start that why an individual did a 4 year long engineering course if he wanted to work in a bank or why he/she did an MBA in Finance or operations if he/she wanted to do Sales. Let’s look at the fact why people opt for an MBA and for who is the course actually made for.

It’s been years since I passed from my B-School and since the time I passed I have at least one youngster in his 20’s every fortnight who will come up to me and ask “Should I get an MBA”. Let me make one thing clear there is no fault in having an MBA degree; but you need to have a clear perspective of mind on reason and need of the degree before you jump into a B-School. For that matter of fact any course you do; you need to have an outline sketch of where you intend to see yourself after few years once you are done with this education.

The reason MBA courses were incorporated was large companies felt that new employees were not good at general management skills and often a lot of time and budget had to be put in to groom employees into a managerial level Individual. So before you jump into a B-school it’s critical for you to determine whether your expectations are in line with the institute and course you are opting for; or is this just for a new career venture.

Business schools are not for the clueless, it takes 2 years of your lives crucial time in late 20’s and of course business courses are no cheap these days. MBA as a course demands people who have a career plan and need an MBA level grooming to reach the Goal.  You are doing no favours to yourself by going and spending 2 years in a B-School if you don’t have a path or Goal in mind. If you haven’t drawn a pipeline of career opportunities your career Graph would be shaking like a local BSE stock that reaches high and low twice a day.


Management Skills

Management education has evolved over time. In early days where it used to be only finance and accounts; management education now is more skewed towards softer skill sets, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills. Quantitative education is now considered as a basic hygiene for one who goes and sits in a B-School, we all expect you to know how to manage finance if you intend to manage a business in future. The ability to manage teams is a skill more focussed and preferred these days rather than focussing on individual contributions. B schools have made teaching interpersonal skills and leadership skills a high priority and focus has shifted to these domains. Experiential learning allows students to see their strengths and limitations, provide feedback and self awareness. So if you opt for an MBA just to learn Finance you should rather go for a low cost course. MBA is more for developing managerial and interpersonal skills.

Leaders and would be Leaders

It will not be correct to say you cannot be a leader without an MBA. Many People have moved to the top of ladder without a B-school degree. If I start citing examples paramount investors are no MBA’s or Engineers; however MBA is a great vehicle in case you intend to have a leadership-oriented career. Its simple thousands of hours brainstorming on case studies you ought to have learnt a bit from the course. Peer interactions and case studies expose you to experience varied responses and situations and how people have bailed out positive results from those situations.

Career changers

You did an Engineering course just like that. With colleges in nook and corner of the country and I can’t comment on all; but many engineers I see these days have an engineering degree for no reasons. The reasons such large population on engineers walk into an MBA course is only for them to have a varied career path. The spectrum becomes wider with options like Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Operations, Analyst and many more.

Networks and Alumni

One thing a B- School will always give you is a large network and an Alumni Batch. As MBA focuses on working in Groups, Students learn more from their peers than from there faculty’s. Different B-Schools have different network strategies; while some might keep you confined to limited geographies others might create an active network of mutual support. I do not know what others would say but I have benefitted tremendously from my B-School network. May it be the company I was going for my first job or may it be the second company I joined in; support and help was endless and uninterrupted.

Who should not do MBA

Musicians, scientists, doctors people like these who have a degree in a specified people should not opt for an MBA. Agree to the fact a doctor who wants to run a hospital might intend to do an MBA, or a scientist who wants to run his own business might do an MBA else I see no reasons for these people to jump into an MBA. Similarly an individual who wants to work in for Bank Operation Jobs does not need an Engineering degree in Electronics and surely not an MBA in marketing.

By:  Ram pal

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