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Monday , 21 January 2019
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ESET Announces the Newest Version of ESET Secure Authentication

Easy set-up, Expanded Integration Options (SDK) and Management Deliver Next Generation Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for SMBs and Enterprises 

MUMBAI, India – December  23, 2014: ESET, global pioneer in proactive protection for more than 25 years, today launched the newest version of ESET Secure Authentication. ESET’s updated two-factor authentication (2FA) application continues to provide the potent combination of ultra-secure access to online applications, while introducing even greater ease of installation and support, for a super overall user experience. The added integration flexibility provided by the Software Development Kit (SDK) and API extends protection to a wider range of applications and data, making ESET Secure Authentication one of the most unique and compelling 2FA solutions on the market.

The first version of ESET Secure Authentication was released in 2013 and proved that strong multi-factor protection is a critical component when protecting today’s companies from potential damage brought on by a successful cyber-attack. The associated loss or theft of sensitive data, subsequent brand erosion and revenue impact can be quite devastating.  Adding secure validation to weak and static user passwords and unsecured remote access makes businesses of all sizes dramatically less of a potential target for cyber criminals.

“We are excited to offer our next generation ESET Secure Authentication with better than ever flexibility thanks to the SDK, which allows for much deeper integration of 2FA into bespoke applications using a client’s very own storage and management infrastructure,” said Ignacio Sbampato, chief sales and marketing officer, ESET. “ESET Secure Authentication is a great option for small- and medium-sized businesses.  Our solution offers a truly cost effective way to cover a company’s 2FA needs while giving it the added security confidence that only comes with the support of reliable and experienced brand like ESET.”

With this new release, ESET provides ultra-secure access to business critical applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint Server® and Microsoft Dynamics®.  Furthermore, all communication between the client-side authentication servers and the ESET Secure Authentication provisioning server is encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security). ESET Secure Authentication also includes PIN protection to guard against fraud in the case of loss or theft.

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