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Etsy helps bring Indian creativity to the world

Etsy, Inc., the global marketplace for unique and creative goods, announced that it has established a team in India to help more local creative entrepreneurs share their unique and handcrafted goods with the world.

Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2005, as of March 31, 2018, Etsy connects 2 million creative entrepreneurs, 87% of whom are women, with nearly 35 million buyers from nearly every country around the world. The company generated $3.25B in gross merchandise sales in 2017. Etsy’s marketplace has more than 50 million items across dozens of categories, including jewellery and accessories, clothing and shoes, home and living, art & collectibles, craft supplies and vintage items.

The newly formed team in India is based in Delhi and will focus on creating more opportunities for India’s extensive maker community to sell their products worldwide. Sellers from India have been using Etsy to share their crafts with the world since the company’s early days and there are currently more than 650,000 items available on Etsy from sellers in India.

“Etsy is powered by the spirit and passion of millions of creative entrepreneurs and we’re excited to now have a team in India to support the existing community here and help more creative entrepreneurs in the region share their work with the world through Etsy,” said Himanshu Wardhan, Managing Director for Etsy- India, Etsy.

“Etsy has long functioned as an on-ramp to entrepreneurship that provides the tools and resources to make it easy for anyone with an idea and an internet connection to start, manage, and scale a creative business. Today, more people than ever work independently, combine income from multiple sources, and pursue work they are passionate about. We look forward to helping more Indian creatives take their goods global”.

In India, Etsy is focused on mobilizing the creative community and creating awareness about the platform and how to start selling on it. A series of activities is planned to recruit and assist new sellers online and offline, including offering free listings incentives to all new sellers in India on the platform.

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