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Friday , 19 July 2019
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Europe all set to receive US President Trump

Europe is all set to receive US President Donald Trump again, the previous meeting between the US president and his counterparts ended up with interaction atop a Sicilian cliff feeling agitated and bruised following a long set of disagreements.

On President Trump’s way to the Group of 20 summit this week, he is coming to Poland first, choosing it over more powerful American allies like Germany, France or Britain.

For Mr.Trump, the stop in Poland on Thursday is something of an appetizer before the main course, a visit to a friendly right-wing, populist government with a kindred approach on any number of key issues, from immigration to global warming and coal mining.

Some fear that the visit may further widen a fissure between East and West in the European Union, which Mr. Trump has disparaged previously, and embolden leaders like Mr. Kaczynski and Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, who has been similarly criticized for a light authoritarianism.

The northern port city in Germany is also the setting for Trump’s first in-person meeting Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a closely watched session that has taken on greater significance given the swirl of controversy about Russia’s cyber meddling in last year’s election.

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