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Thursday , 18 July 2019
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Exercise machines that should be avoided at the gym

Going to the gym has become more of a trend than being a lifestyle choice. One should be aware when to go to the gym and which exercising machines to focus on. Hence having an instructor is on immense important once you hit the gym.

Below are some machines that should be avoided at the gym, unless being practiced under a fitness trainer:

  1. Seated leg curls: Trainers usually do agree that this creates a motion that your legs are not designed to do, and which can also put strain on your ligaments along with the tendons that are surrounding the kneecaps.
  2. Seated shoulder press: They have restrictive range of motion and could lead to a serious injury as it leaves your muscles in an awkward position. The best alternative is to use free weights or a medicine ball for your benefit, which can also increase your heart beat which would add to your credit.
  3. Seated chest fly: This is a good and renowned exercise for your chest and also the shoulders. But you must be careful with this as it can put your shoulder in an unstable position and could place an excessive amount of stress on the shoulder joint and the connective tissue.

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