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Sunday , 21 July 2019
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Explosive found in UP Assembly identified as PETN; one man arrested

The explosive material that was found inside UP Assembly earlier during the day has been identified as PETN, which is one of the most dangerous explosive substances in the world. The forensic lab that tested the explosive identified is as a high quality Hexogene and plastic explosive. It is preferred by militants since it is difficult to detect in security checks. It is available in the black market at very high prices. The actual explosive substance found in UP Assembly was around 150 grams, but even that would have been enough to kill several people inside the assembly. Even the dog squad failed to identify the explosive, which was kept under the cushion of a seat.

However, Additional Director General (Law & Order) Anand Kumar said that detonation would be possible only with a detonator and a power source such as a battery. He said that CCTV footage will be checked to identify the people who may have placed the explosive inside the assembly. Meanwhile, authorities have arrested one man named Farhan Ahmed from Lucknow, who had said that he will blow up the UP Assembly. The police are yet to ascertain if the two incidents are linked to each other. Ahmed is currently being interrogated by the police and intelligence officials from Delhi.

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