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Faacto – A Genetic Leap Into Fitness Industry

The awareness regarding fitness & health has peaked aggressively over the last 5 years. The number of gyms has increased, we have tons of fitness applications, people are paying big sums to health experts and dieticians, and the internet has a million blogs on how to stay in shape. Unfortunately, even with so much knowledge and a spoonful of experts at our disposal the majority of the fitness community still feels disappointment and failure on a daily basis. The reason behind it is that India is still in its experimental phase with fitness and health. While some say that abs are made in the kitchen, there are others who believe that they’re made in the gym. There’s so much confusion, that majority of us just follow the crowd instead of questioning such a dilemmatic system. In early 2018, two members of the fitness community, after enduring failure in their own journeys, made a decision to question the system and today, have successfully beaten it by introducing India’s first gene-based fitness & health application.

factoAkhileshBagaria and VaibhavBhandari have rocked the fitness community with their revolutionary brainchild, Faacto. The application went live in December 2018 and since then has received nothing but waive of praises for its innovative concept and rewarding nature towards its audience. The two best friends have gathered the most advanced technology from the industry and have paired it with the most qualified fitness & health experts in our country, giving birth to a product which easily matches the standards set by the technology used in countries like the US and UK.

The application can be accurately described using three simple words: personalized, factual and user-friendly. The feature that helps Faacto carve it’s way past its competitors is its genetic take on fitness. It conducts a legitimate DNA test which is used by lab experts to study the genetic makeup of a user, and then highly personalized diet plans and workout routines are crafted. These diet & workout plans are far from anything that India has witnessed yet, they consist of very specific nutrients and exercises that are designed only for the growth of your body.

The trial & error method of gyms, dieticians and fitness instructors is quite daunting, physically and mentally. The frustration of not seeing satisfying results after months of working hard, following tasteless diet plans and waking up with sore bodies can take some serious toll on an individual. The current system has a lot of fundamental issues, a foundation which isn’t backed up scientifically, but still has led the community to believe that this is the best it deserves. Faacto presents itself as a statement for the community which says, “You deserve better and this is your chance at better”. The application functions on scientific evidence and takes a strong stand against experimenting with health.

Faacto has also been praised by its audience for capturing the essence of simplicity by delivering an application which is crafted for the user’s comfort. At no point does the application create room for confusion, everything from a wide range of recipes to a set of diverse workout playlists is at the user’s disposal and can be accessed easily.

Speaking on Faacto’s position in the Fitness Industry, Mr.AkhileshBagaria, Founder of Faacto, says “Faacto is unique in its aspect as it is the only platform that offers this level of personalisation. What most competitors charge for BMI based diets and workouts, Faacto gives it out for free. It believes in the fact that sustainable fitness cannot be achieved through trial & error and the approach has to be more scientific. We have merged two separate industries to create our own model. One is the subscription-based health industry where we guide the customer right from scratch via regular plans and by connecting them with our experts and the other is the DNA testing industry. Genetics plays a very vital role in how our bodies react to specific nutrients and exercises, and it’s different for each individual due to the unique nature of our DNA. Faacto is helping the fitness community move on from generic and leap into the genetic side of fitness, which has been proven to be extremely reliable in countries like the US, UK and Germany .”

A primary reason why Faacto has been well received and has managed to develop such an active community for itself is that it reaches out to the different lifestyles of the society. From introducing Faacto’s office exercises for the working class to a wide range of yoga playlists for people struggling with anxiety, depression and more. The rewarding nature of the app also acts as a source of motivation for the community. In its first week itself, the launch of the product was followed by a milestone campaign which was heavily rewarding for people who participated in it.

This kind of technology has only been available for the elite class so far. It’s an expensive investment in one’s health, something that only the wealthy can afford. Only celebrities and famous personalities have had access to gene-based fitness & health programs, the majority of the fitness community isn’t even aware of this concept. Faacto’s vision involves treating the entire fitness community equally, irrespective of the different classes of society. The main agenda is to bring the most advanced technology, the highest quality of tools and expert guidance to the masses at an affordable price. Both the founders believe that health and fitness don’t fall under luxury and that everyone deserves to be healthy physically and mentally.

“We at Faacto believe in helping people. Being victims of the existing system, we have decided to launch this app to help India be fit. The company believes in the fact that customer is the king and every person is unique. We aim to understand and cater to the uniqueness in every induvial. Faacto brings together a team of experts from all across the country who help us address the diversity in the country and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.” said VaibhavBhandari, Founder of Faacto.

With over 15,000+ downloads in less than 3 months, Faacto is taking over the fitness space in India and doesn’t seem to have any plans of slowing down. It’s fair to say that there are more than just a few reasons to use Faacto, but the most important thing is that Faacto is probably the only platform in this industry to empathize and understand how personal fitness and health is for all of us.

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