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Facebook Live saves woman who collapsed due to high BP

New York, Nov 21 (IANS) The audience watching a US woman leading her daily prayer service on Facebook Live helped save her life when she suddenly passed out in the middle of the service, the media reported.

Francine Sims-Gates was saved by a viewer watching her prayer service on Facebook Live earlier in November, reported on Monday.

While leading the service, Sims-Gates suddenly grabbed her chest and then asked her audience to pray for her.

“I don’t mean any harm but right now I do need you to pray for me,” she said, before passing out in her bedroom at her Southwest Atlanta apartment.

Although she regained consciousness, she could not get off the floor.

The audience could hear her tell her blind autistic adult son “just call somebody”. However, he was not able to help her.

A neighbour, who was watching the live video contacted Sims-Gates’ daughter to help her with the address.

The neighbour then called up the leasing office — a senior living facility equipped to deal with emergencies.

The video showed the leasing agent arriving in the apartment, and then call 911 which got Sims-Gates emergency medical help.

According to the doctors, Sims-Gates’ blood pressure was very high and she had blood clots.

“I could have died. More than likely I would have died with the blood clots,” Sims-Gates later said.

“Thankful. I’m thankful. All those eyes,” she said, trying to hold back the tears.

“Facebook often gets a bad rap, but without it, I might not have been here today, Sims-Gates said, adding, “I could have been still here on the floor”.

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