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Saturday , 19 January 2019
Breaking News – bina cash, karo aish!

logoThe year 2015 has set ablaze the Indian online marketplace with consumers having countless portals to shop online and discounting crossing all possible levels. As we head close to the Diwali festive season 2015, a season where the entire country dances with the festival winds and sales chart graphs reach their all-time high. In between this cluttered online market space comes in; a portal that has completely changed the market dynamics by eliminating hard cash and enabling everyone to buy and sell from their owned goods. Working on the Barter Model empowers individuals to exchange anything and everything they own however don’t want to use now, in exchange of goods with others who feel the same about their goods.

Cashless transactions and barter model enables all age groups ranging from young teens to retirees to do transaction. The model allows you to acquire goods or things you had desired or wanted in your life but couldn’t procure. The simple to use framework and open to all market widens the spectrum to a level where everyone is a capable buyer and seller. Currently operational in countries tier-1cities the brand is all set to roll out on expansion and cover tier-2 cities across the nation.

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