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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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False health myths debunked

There are many things that we follow just because we’ve heard someone talking about it benefits, etc. However, one should also keep in mind that no two bodies are same ever. Hence one should be careful in taking what you are taking, and if possible consult a dietician.

  1. Organic food is pesticide free and more nutritious: Organic food isn’t free of pesticides and it isn’t necessarily better for you. Farmers who grow organic produce are permitted to use chemicals that are naturally derived — and in some cases are actually worse for the environment than their synthetic counterparts.
  2. Eating food within 5 seconds of dropping it on the floor is safe:  The five-second-rule isn’t a real thing. Bacteria can contaminate a food within milliseconds.Mythbusting tests show that moist foods attract more bacteria than dry foods, but there’s no “safe duration.” Instead, safety depends on how clean the surface you dropped the food on is.

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