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Farmers protest with human skulls and begging bowls in Delhi

Citing the failures of the Central and State governments, a group of farmers from Tamil Nadu has staged a unique form of protest that involves the use of human skulls and begging bowls. The farmers claim that the skulls are of other farmers from their village who committed suicide due to crop failures and huge debt. They said that these farmers lived in poverty and when their crops failed, they had no other option but to commit suicide. The farmers also said that if the government does not take action soon, they too might suffer the same fate as the farmers who committed suicide.

Around 60 farmers have committed suicide due to crop failures and huge debts. The main cause of crop failure is the low level of rainfall in Tamil Nadu. The average rainfall during monsoons in Tamil Nadu is 440 mm, but due to drought, it was only 163.88 mm last year. Nearly 21 out of the 32 districts in Tamil Nadu have been identified as affected by drought. It may be recalled that this is one of the most severe droughts that the State of Tamil Nadu has witnessed in the last 140 years. The farmers protesting at Jantar Mantar in Delhi are demanding compensation for crop failures and inter-linking of all rivers.

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