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Film Trends in 2019

The film industry is dynamic. Producers, directors, and scriptwriters are constantly incorporating advanced technologies and current trends to create powerful and contemporary films. There is no better way to see the leaps and bounds that have been made in the film industry then to watch your favorite movie from the early 2000’s. Within the first couple of minutes, it will quickly become clear how far technology has advanced the movie goer’s experience. The movies you enjoy in 2019 are more sophisticated than ever before and conquer some of the most pressing social issues of the day. If you are an aspiring filmmaker, it can be helpful to work with a talent manager, such as David Guilllod to give your film a modern twist. Here are some trends dominating the filming world in 2019.

Practical Effects and CGI

Filmmakers today enjoy the tricks of the past along with the technology of the day. Film has come a long way since its origins; however, many filmmakers still make use of the practical effects that characterize classic favorites. Talented filmmakers use a dynamic blend of practical effects and CGI to create powerful stories with classic and modern touches. While it may seem that CGI has taken over the effects of your favorite films, you may be surprised to find that many producers still use practical effects for a variety of purposes.

Many Movies are Debuting on Streaming Services

Most people utilize some form of a streaming service. These outlets are becoming increasingly popular for filmmakers. Many of your favorite streaming services welcome low budget filmmakers with open arms and actively seek for new projects to be streamed exclusively on their service. Streaming services are a great resource for getting your story into production. Some of the most watched movies and television shows are produced by a streaming service.

Film as a Form of Social Commentary

Have you noticed that some of your favorite movies and television shows you’ve seen recently are making some sort of social commentary? Film is becoming an increasingly popular medium for making social commentary and creating a call to action for social issues. Over the past decade, satirical comedy shows and social media have entered the socio-political arena as valid forms of social commentary. In the past couple of years, blockbusters have begun to tackle some of the most pressing issues plaguing societies all over the world. Many of the recent blockbusters that have highlighted social issues have gone on to gain critical acclaim and receive prestigious awards.

The world of film is extremely dynamic with new trends and topics constantly dominating the plots of blockbusters and television shows. In 2019, movie lovers enjoy some of the most realistic and sophisticated films to ever grace a screen. Contemporary filmmakers are socially charged and create powerful films by utilizing a combination of advanced and traditional technology.   As an inspiring filmmaker, it is extremely useful to work with a talent manager to gain insight into current trends and techniques. If you want to make your story stand out, consider consulting with a mentor or experienced professional for guidance.

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