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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
Breaking News

Fire broke in China, left 18 people died.

Beijing, China witnessed fire in a foot massage parlour. The police arrested one person in this occurrence.  On Sunday, the fire broke in Zhejiang Province in a foot massage parlour, the fire was extensive and it took two hours to extinguish the fire.   The fire left 18 people killed and 18 people are injured.  As per the report eight people died on the spot while other 10 lost their life in the hospital. This incident happened on Sunday at 5.26 PM.


In a Chinese Social Media Weibbo, a video is posted on Chinese social media showed people are hopping from the second-floor window and from the parlour dense black smoke rising. It was six floor building.

Beijing News said the broken glass’s spikes were sprinkled diagonally on the floor of the massage parlour. The reason behind the fire is yet to be discovered. In the third and fourth floor, people were resident and some witnessed the disaster.
In china fire care measures are usually ignored in China. This kind of ignorance causes men loss and money loss both. In past explosion at a hazardous material barn in the eastern city of Tianjin in year 2015 also one incident in which about 114 people were died.

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