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Fire Evacuation Drill at Trio Tot

Bangalore, August 03, 2018: A mock fire and evacuation drill involving students and the school staff were conducted at the campus of Trio Tots in Sahakaranagar, Bangalore. The fire safety drill was demonstrated by the fire safety team in front of the students displaying various firefighting techniques and ways to respond swiftly in times of an emergency situation.

Prior to the commencement of the exercise, the students and teachers were split into various teams, including fire alarm, search and rescue, evacuation, site safety and transportation to carry out the mock drill. The students were introduced to many of the interesting things and gadgets on the fire engine. A group of firefighters, from Yelahanka fire station armed with the necessary paraphernalia required for firefighting and rescue operations guided the students in the mock fire and evacuation drill. 

Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio Tots said, “For us at Trio Tots safety is of paramount importance. We have been organizing fire safety mock drills as well as general safety workshops on a regular basis to spread awareness and ensure preparedness in case of any unforeseen event”.

The students were informed to be safe and swift in their actions during emergency situations and keep a cool head and show the presence of mind.

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