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Five Incredible Benefits of Cow Milk

Five Incredible Benefits of Cow Milk newspatrolling

You may have heard people say that cow milk is very beneficial for health. But, do you know what exactly makes cow milk so beneficial? Well, to start with, cow milk is loaded with protein, healthy fats, and various vitamins and minerals. These are a must for proper growth and development of your body. Cow milk is regarded as a complete food by nutritionists across the globe and there are very few food items that can match its nutritive content. Here are some incredible benefits of cow milk, which will inspire you to include it in your daily diet.

Lower fat than buffalo milk: As per nutritional studies, it has been found that cow milk generally has lower fat content than buffalo milk. This makes it lighter on your stomach and easier to digest. It makes it most appropriate for people who lead an active lifestyle and don’t want to get the bloated feeling that often comes with drinking buffalo milk. Cow milk is the preferred choice for students and working professionals.

Heart health: Cow milk is rich in Calcium, an important nutrient required for maintaining heart health. It maintains the elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn reduces the possibility of hypertension. Studies also show that cow milk contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which naturally reduces cholesterol. CLA has also shown to prevent the hardening of arteries.

Weight loss: Cow milk can be a great choice if you want to lose those extra pounds hanging on your body. Cow milk contains good quality protein, which gives the feeling of satiety. As a result, you eat less and are able to lose weight quickly. Cow milk has shown to boost metabolism, which helps burn calories faster. The calcium and Vitamin D found in cow milk aid metabolism of fat at a higher rate.

Intelligence: Owing to its B Vitamins, cow milk boosts brain function. Cow milk contains copious amounts of B vitamins, which enhances the functioning of the nervous system. Cow milk has also shown to improve sleep wake cycles, which allows you to get good sleep and wake up refreshed and recharged.

Strong bones: Calcium and Vitamin D found in cow milk aid the development of strong and healthy bones. Regular consumption of cow milk can thus reduce the risk of bone-related ailments such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Cow milk is not only healthy, but also tastes awesome. You can use it to create various delectable delights such as fruit smoothies, milk shakes, coffee, tea, etc. Cow milk’s awesome taste provides all the more reasons to include it in our daily diet.

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