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Five steps to choosing the Best Underwear for Your Health

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The intimate affair with your underpants is a serious business. Why? Because it’s the first thing you slip into, on any normal day. Yet, it’s the last thing that guys pay attention to while researching on their style. With all the hustle and bustle on any working day, you can’t mess with your comfort. After all, nobody wants to keep adjusting their underwear in the middle of a big day at the office. Here are some steps that you should look into while buying your next underwear.

  1. Avoid Boxers For Sportswear

Boxers are the best when you want to get rid of all the support. They offer the best breathability and are great when you are hitting the hay. However, while heading to the gym, keep in mind that you are going to be involved in heavy exercise routines and having no support might restrict your movement in many ways.

  1. Material Matters

There are innumerous ways to get skin rashes and infections from your innerwear. It’s in direct contact with your skin and hence has to be breathable and comfortable so that your skin can breathe. Try to get rid of synthetic materials which trap moisture and heat and keeps a breeding account for yeast infections. Instead, go for materials like Micromodal which is 3X softer than cotton and underwear with moisture-wicking technology to take care of the moisture, so that you stay dry at all times. Try waistbands with Microfiber as they provide good grip and leaves no rashes absolutely.

  1. Size Speaks:

The perfect fitting can accentuate your physique and that’s the way to go about it. If your thighs have marks from the leg bands delving in too much, then you are wearing a size too small. Many times your waistband keeps slipping whenever you bend, maybe it’s because you bought a size which is too big for you. A perfect size will bring the best of you into the picture and can prevent you from rashes too.

  1. Sports Wear:

If you’re someone who loves to gym or someone who is involved in any kind of physical activity on a daily basis, you need good support. Not just average support but something that will take care of excessive movement. Guys don’t usually give a lot of thought about what they are wearing underneath in the gym, but finding a type for all your sporty adventures is a must. The jockstrap is the new kid on block in Indian innerwear market. It provides full support at the front for high-intensity sport and acts as a guard for contact sports. Boxer briefs, briefs, and trunks can also be an option for your gym and sports routine.

  1. Know Your Purpose:

It’s high time you start paying attention to your underwear requirements because you’re giving access to something that’s going to stay in contact with your body for the whole day. Look at the fabric, features, size but most importantly, give a thought about the purpose and find a corresponding style with it. If you’re looking at underwears for formal wear, make sure to pick the ones that don’t bunch, something that doesn’t give wedgies. You can’t pick boxers to wear underneath formal wear and you can’t pick them for gym wear either. Always go for boxers to sleep as it lets you and your body parts breathe during sleep.


By: Mr. Yogesh Kabra, CEO and Founder of XYXX

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