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Five Yoga poses to keep you healthy this winter

5-yoga-poses-to-keep-you-warm-and-healthyYoga has been becoming immensely famous since the last decade and its powers have been recognized by the western countries as well. Yoga is not just some sort of regular exercise, rather it leaves your body transformed with higher energy levels, positive thinking, confidence, good health and fill you with love.

Winters are here already, and we know how important is exercising during this season. Especially when you have low immunity level. Below are some yoga poses that should be practiced daily to keep you healthy this winter:

  1. Sarvangasana – Strengthens the inner parts of the body and keeps them strong and healthy and is considered a complete asana.Sarvangasana-Shoulder-Pose

  1. Kapalbhati – Helps flush out toxins from the body and improves the skin.

  1. Halasana – Relieves the problems of back and neck stiffness or arthritis in these areas.halasana

  1. Anulom vilom – Is beneficial for the entire body and is useful in releasing stress and

  1. Shirshasana – It affects the entire body positively, and hence is called the king of all asana.shirshasana

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