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Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Flamebloc GS product series are best in class passive fire safety measures available

Confido brings to you the best in the world Passive Fire Retardant Coatings FLAMEBLOC – GS (Green Series) from Buckman Laboratories Inc. of USA.​

There is a solution to delay and arrest the fire, which Buckman Laboratories Inc., US offers. Confido is the distributor of Buckman’s Flamebloc GS products which are Zero VOC, Halogen free, water based clear coatings.

FLAMEBLOC series of products are all water based coatings which can be applied easily on paper, fabric, wood, plastics, leather & even metals, to resist ignition and spreading of fire. The product does not emit any toxic gases which causes suffocation during fire accidents which leads to more casualties.

FLAMEBLOC products are already approved by Govt. of Maharashtra P. W. D and also approved by some of the prominent industries. We recommend application of this product to Residential House, Industries, Corporate buildings, IT Data centers, Electric & Control rooms, Residential Societies, Hotels, Hospitals, Cinema halls, Malls, Railways, Airports, Film studios & Sets and many other fire prone areas.

Flamebloc GS series of flame retardant coatings can be applied to protect various substrates such as:

1)    Natural and Synthetic Fabrics (curtains, draperies, wall furnishings and carpets)

2)    Wood (flooring, furniture, walls, partitions and siding)

3)    Paper (construction applications, special packaging and wallpapers)

4)    Metal (Various applications in construction, architectural, interior and exterior)

5)    Plastics (PVC, Electrical cables, polyurethane foam, FRP molded items)

FLAMEBLOC series of products:

1)    Flamebloc GS 101 – Char Forming Penetrating Fire Retardant for Fabrics.

2)    Flamebloc GS 200 – Char & Thin Intumescent Foam forming, Penetrating Fire Retardant   for Wood and Wood products.

3)     Flamebloc GS 500 – Universal Fire Retardant Coating.

4)     Busan 11M1 – Anti Corrosion Paint Additive.

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