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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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In flat life there will be happen happiness and sadness in daily  nithya feels like she is good and telling truth and create problem in others family.she itself not live with her mother in law made her heart feel and living with her husband and son.she don’t know how to cook and she give a worst the owner of the flat always command to others.when owner gave her food to eat she throw in floor.Owner wife always tell others is having illegal conduct so she says nitya is seeing through windows the guys from gym.then nitya says that this lady always sees solvathelam onmai show and she thinks that she is an psychologist and always interfere in others life and commanding me and roslin husband sentil who is working in private hospital after completing MBA.when he got married he don’t have any things in his flat he always roam with jati and speak harsh words like wise owner wife always command roslin marriage life but his son roam outside after college and come late to home saying special class.but he roam with stray girls.he thinks the college were he work he is superior and asking his command like wise he tell in home stories but like wise nothing happen in his college he thinks every one appreciating him.only place they are appreciating him is in church they think that he is intelligent because his mother and father says him as brilliant guy there he did message in church.then nithya have a son whom nithya don’t know how to take care so he grown like a bad boy always stubborn for every thing when looking deeply he should be given psychological counselling.then rosalin had a son named ashwin she is taking care of his son well.the owner wife says that roslin father in law is a lier telling he is rich but owner he did not get his property by doing hardwork he got from his brother .then past 1 year he did not pay for IT.Then another family speaks Malayalam in that wife is always interested in gossiping and knowing details about others family.then owner wife always get vegetables or things from her home and she had a son and he got low marks in 10th whose name is sarat and owner wife is angry that he wont go and see for water tank was full or not in morning then another one boy is running a cell mechanic shop.then owner wife is like a rowdy and get all his work from his son as slave.he send his son to shop from morn till night to buy small things which she can send her servant kasturi.if the things buyed is not niece she will send once again to shop for less amount.if son is sick also her things should happen.then salary he should give to his father when salary came she will have a list which he should do one by one for giving to church or buying vegetables or buying medicine for her.she create an atmosphere that she is an intelligent lady and she knows everything and he should live hearing the advice of her.his inner feeling both father and mother created that they give him education and have lot of property they earned for him so he should get advice of them till the end of life.then his mother is having a bad habit of smelling his son inner wears and skirt after the marriage of his son.she wont leave her daughter in law to wash the clothes she only will do it to do the dirty habit even though servants were there in home.she should be given counselling but her daughter in law try to advice her but that lady did not hear her and also not realise the affection  of her.Owner daughter in law have affection towards kids and also buy and give small things for them and train them for competition.then she wanted to have a good conduct with them but her mother in law bad about them then people coming to flat to sell things to them also she only have to talk neary by store also she only will have conduct to others she says she don’t know nothing before that their parents send to husband home life that she says.but the real thing she is not a good mother to his son and daughter.her daughter is  like a slave living with her husband that they or not ready to accept.then owner son is not believing in his abence his parents its torturing their wife.flat life is high tech life many or thinging in that lot of worriness  in life style of the people that the people living in rented home or not living in city don’t know.They thing it is quite place to one will have conduct with each other so others don’t know the life style of others.but there will owners who have lot of problems in personal but they spoil the life of tenant by putting lot of money in rent ,electricity or water because they will handle for water and electricity paying things.Flat life will be balanced that is good and bad.

By: Roslin senthil kumar

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