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For 6 months 11,000 school teachers working without pay

Pawan Kumar Sharma,who works as a Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan teacher at Government senior secondary school in Mohali. He has one brother and two sisters and only breadwinner in his family.Past six months his situation became worst due to non payment of salaries.He is not able to pay rent and fees for his siblings.He borrow money from his friends to make the ends meet

There are 10,661 teachers working without salaries past six months 

Like Pawan, Sunil Kumar also finding difficult to run his family and pay his daughter’s school fees.Like Pawan he also borrow money from others to pay fees .He visits the Director General of Education in Mohali but got false assurance 

Amardeep and Girishma also faced same problem.

Amardeep who lives in rented house says our salary is pending from Dec 2016 -June 2017. Sep,Oct and Nov 2016 month salaries we got only in March 2017

Girishma who works in a remote area struggle a lot without proper transport and without salary she is unable to pay transport expenses

The teachers working under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan are paid jointly by central & state government .Major part comes from central government and 35% from state government.


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