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For good night’s sleep must haves ..

download (1)#IndiaFitness If you don’t sleep well or miss a good sleep then surely your whole day will be bad. You will feel laziness, unenergetic, headache, anger etc. at work station and at home.

You need to take few things in consideration and routine to have good and comfortable sleep to make your day better –

  • A Bath – Before going to bed, your body temperature get dipped a little. Taking bath before sleep is good and play a big role in maintaining body temperature.
  • Ear Plug – Leave the whole world behind while sleeping. Use ear plug to avoid unintended noise.
  • A Good Pillow – Many gives importance to the mattress but forgets the pillow. But pillow might be the reason for a good sleep.
  • An Eye Mask – While sleeping wear a eye mask. It will help in relaxing your body.
  • Combination of blanket and bed sheet – It has been proved traditionally and scientifically that color has most impact on human health. So choose right and light color combination of bed sheet and blanket to have good, long hours and comfortable sleep at night.

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