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Former Coal Secretary HC Gupta gets imprisonment under coal scam

Coal Scam is a gigantic sting. In the direction of the case, today Special Court of Central Bureau of Investigation sentenced three autonomous.   

Amid three imprisoned culprits there are previous Coal Secretary HC Gupta, previous Joint Secretary in Coal Ministry KS Kropha, and earlier director in charge of coal allocation KC Samria. Against all three corruption charges were raised in a gigantic coal scam.

They were held guilty in the allocation of a coal mining chunk in Madhya Pradesh to SKS Ispat coal which is a private company.

Under UPA government, HC Gupta was Coal Secretary for binary years.  

Mr. Gupta is blamed for playing foremost character in the gigantic coal scam. It is blamed that he was not ensuring a transparent auctioning method and he was producing losses to the taxpayer in tune of Crores.

Against Mr. Gupta 8 cases are under the way and he had requested the court for joint trials but the court had unapproved his appeal citing all cases were different progress level.

In the court, Mr Gupta blamed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his tenure gave final approval in the case. According to the CBI, Mr. Manmohan Singh was misinformed about the case.

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