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Former Pentagon official says India deals prevalent strategic opportunity to the USA

Accordingly to Kelly Magsamen, the former US principal deputy assistant secretary, India is the prevalent strategic opportunity for the USA. Both countries should prove mutual tractability and drive to reach a great level of collaboration.

She said that USA and India gradually share a collective strategic viewpoint on the Asia Pacific and particularly a joint anxiety over Chinese military modernization and adventurism and the can both countries can achieve a great level of collaboration to domicile limits on Chinese ambition.

As per Magsamen, it is possible to China, when both countries together continue in incapacitating the doubts of the bygone and shape stronger ways of real cooperation.  India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Act East policy is extremely well-matched with the USA against balancing.

In past year, earlier USA Defence secretary Ashton Carter said that India is a Main Defence Partner of the USA.

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